Bomber jakker moodboard

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Jeg er gået hen og blevet fuldstændig forelsket i bomber jakken (igen igen). Og som I måske også har bemærket, så er den et item, som i løbet af de seneste år, er dukket op i modebilledet flere gange. Jeg synes at den passer perfekt som overgangs jakke. Den kan nemlig nemt styles til både varmere og koldere dage. Se bare på billederne, hvor den bliver rocket sammen med sweatshirt og jeans, men også et sommerlook med bare ben og pastel farver. Perfekt til både forår og efterår, hvor vejret kan være lidt uforudsigeligt.

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose interior moodboard

Sikke en lang uge det har været. Tidligt op og sent i seng går ikke altid hånd i hånd med graviditet, og jeg har nu også været træt som aldrig før. Det har været en ægte omgang blod, sved og tårer, men nu kan vi endelig se lys for enden af tunnelen. Vi flyttede ind i går, og efter en uge med massiv rengøring og kørsel frem og tilbage med flyttekasser, sov jeg som en sten i nat.

Det er dog ikke ren afslapning som står på menuen fra nu af, da vi ikke er i nærheden færdige med at pakke ud, indrette, købe nyt, skrotte gammelt osv.  Så jeg sidder og nyder en kop kaffe, imens jeg får blogget og søgt efter inspiration på Pinterest . Jeg er blevet helt vild med den sarte rosa farve, så det kunne nemt ske, at der flytter nogle items i samme farve ind i boligen.

Decorating a princess bedroom


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Så er vi så småt ved at nærme os indflytningsdato. Dog har vi en del vi skal nå først, inklusiv rengøring (som jeg ikke er fan af, men af en eller anden årsag ser frem til). Igennem hele hus projektet har vi ikke haft en decideret deadline, bortset fra, at vi helst ville flytte ind, før lille pigen melder sin ankomst – og selv om jeg ikke har termin før i april, så kan man aldrig vide sig sikker, hvornår dette tidspunkt kommer. Selv om børneværelset ikke står som første prioritet på vores liste, skader det ikke, at søge inspiration, ønske sig nogle ting, samt købe lidt nødvendigheder, så vi ikke står på bar bund, når vi sætter igang. Og som den minimalistiske materialist jeg er, ønsker jeg at holde lille pigens værelse i rolige toner, indrettet simpelt, men samtidig skabe et prinsesse værelse. Det bliver trods alt hendes værelse, og ikke mit. Så jeg har kigget lidt på nettet efter ting med et delikat, men stadig piget udtryk, som mor her ikke ville være helt ked af, at indrette med.

English // We are getting closer to move-in date, which means that we need to start considering how to decorate each room, nursery included. During this project, we haven’t had a specific deadline, other then we wanted to move in befor our baby girl arrives. And with the due date in mid april, we are closing in. So I’ve been searching for some inspiration for the nursery room, which we want to keep delicate and minimalistic, but yet worthy of a princess.   

10 things on my to do list

moodboard 10 ting feb



10 things to do in february

• Since I’m already packing up the entire apartment, as we are getting ready to move into our new house, I want to donate the clothes we don’t use anymore to charity and homeless shelters. This is actually something we do every now and then, but when you really have to strip down your home and organise everything you own,there’s bound to be something that you don’t need anymore.

• I will definitely drink some more hot chocolate! February is a very dark and cold month, therefor it requires something extra cozy. I’ll make some homemade hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmallows at least once a week. Maybe it’s a new weekend tradition?

• Get some fresh air. When the days are short and the rain is pouring outside, it’s easy to skip the daily walk. But that’s over for now! I want to enjoy the cold fresh air, walk through the parks, along the shore and even in the woods. And you know what? It’s perfect with a cup of hot chocolate when you get home – win win.

• Well this is one of the most postponed things in my everyday life – I need to wash my car. Blah..everyone who knows me, will agree with me on this one. I’m very bad at keeping the car neat and clean, which is super weird, considering that I’m such a neat freak. But it has to be done – and don’t get surprised, if this one makes next months to do list too.

• As I’m already at it, I might as well get better organised. My wardrobe, the kitchen and oh not to forget the bathroom! I can’t be the only one, stuffing everything in cute boxes, because well to be honest if the storage looks good, it must be good – that’s unfortunately not how it works. Also I have to clean up my computer, my Iphone and all the paperwork from the previous semester. I know it takes time, but it’s good to declutter your surroundings every now and then.

• Last week I purchased a juicer, so one of my goals is to drink a green juice almost every day. This way I’m balancing all the hot chocolate and buns that are mandatory in february, right?

• Shopping is definitely on my to do list. And this might come as a surprise to all of you, but it’s actually very stressfull to have such a long shopping list haha. I don’t like impulse buys, and can spend a lot of time thinking about one specific item – therefor it’s quite time consuming to have a million things to buy. But I have to start somewhere. Furniture and baby clothes seem as a good place to start.

• Catch up with my friends. I have had a few very busy months, and so have my friends. So it would be about time to have some girl time.

• Celebrate Valentine’s Day! This is a must for february, wether it’s by having a super romantic date with your significant other, or just going out for a drink or coffee with a good friend/family member. Buy some flowers/chocolate for someone you care about. I’ll spend the day with my man, but also my grandparents, as they are coming to visit us soon – can’t wait!

• Find a new gym. I never thought this day would come, but since I’m moving to the countryside, where Fitness World is nowhere to be found, I’ll have to quit my gym membership. We had a good run though.


On my mind: Denim

Denim moodboard

I’m obsessed with everything denim! Denim, denim, denim.. It’s one trend that never goes out of style. I’m on a hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, which can be a bit complicating, being pregnant, and so far I’ve refused to buy maternity jeans. I prefer investing in a nice pair that I can use for years and years to come – and knowing this baby has plans to arrive mid april, I might as well wait. But we’ll see, I might give in. In the meantime I’ll be wearing denim shirts, dresses and jackets.


new years eve wear

Lipstick YSL / Blazer Gestuz / Clutch YSL / Top  By Malene Birger / Pants Filippa K / Earrings Sophie Bille Brahe / Shoes Gianvito Rossi

Tonight is the perfect night to play dress up, but I’m not a fan of buying new items for special occasions (except when I’ve been eying it for a while!), as it usually ends up being a one timer. I find it very important to have a good basis wardrobe with a little hint of personality. That way you never have to worry about what to wear, not even on new years eve.

Have a lovely new years eve!

Faux fur inspiration

fur moodboard

Pictures are from Pinterest

Jeg er stor fan af farvet kunstpels, så derfor sad jeg og kiggede inde på Pinterest, for at få min daglige dose af inspiration. Jeg har selv fået fingrene i en, og jeg glæder mig til at vise jer den.

December været fyldt med projekt skrivning, eksaminer, stress (og mere stress) og lidt  jule hygge selvfølgelig. I går havde jeg fødselsdag, hvilket plejer at betyde hygge med venner og familie, fest, farver.. you name it. Men eftersom at G og jeg sjælden har en hel fridag sammen, så fik vi aflyst alle vores planer, hvor vi i stedet for fik hygget og slappet af til den helt store guldmedalje. Jeg ved ikke om nogen af jer følger mig på Instagram, men for noget tid siden, afslørede jeg en af mine store hemmeligheder – vi skal være forældre til en lille pige! Og vi er simpelthen SÅ stolte og taknemlige. Det er en fantastisk følelse, at mærke hende vokse inde i maven, hvor hun bliver stærkere (og tungere) for hver dag.

I’m very much into coloured faux fur coats (although I’m sure some of the above are real fur), so I was searching for some outfit inspiration on pinterest. I bought one myself the other day and I can’t wait to show it to you guys. 

Anyway, yesterday was my birthday, and I had the most amazing day – doing absolutely nothing! We had a lot of plans, as to where to eat brunch and dinner and also wanted to take a trip to Århus. But since we rarely have a full day off nowadays, we canceled everything, slept in, had brunch at home and just enjoyed each others company. And I don’t know if any of you follow me on Instagram, but some time ago I shared a little secret – we are having a baby girl! And we are so excited. It’s a privilege and a blessing being able to feel her grow inside of me, getting stronger (and heavier) every day. 

Coats for fall

coats for fall

Pictures from Pinterest

What better way to upgrade your wardrobe, then to invest in a new coat (or two or three maybe)? I literally have a weakness when it comes to coats, and if I could just buy them all, I would be one satisfied girl haha. Actually I have been planning to buy one this weekend, so as I was searching the internet for good looking ones, scrolling through webshops and Pinterest, I thought I’d just as well share it with you guys.

asos coats

Camel coat here / Grey coat here / Khaki coat here / Camel coat here

Anyhow, I just wanted to wish you all a lovely weekend.

xo C

Summer in outfits



You can find details about any specific outfit in the outfit category.

I’ve been really bad at outfit posts lately, the main reason being that I’ve been living in my sweatpants haha. You know, when you feel like vacation is almost over, and you panically try to make the best of it – that’s what I’ve been up to the last few days. Spending time in bed, watching my favorite TV shows, online shopping and preparing for reality to kick back in soon. Not very inspiring, I know, but a little self care is necessary every now and then.

This summer has gone by so fast that I can’t even believe that we are halfway through august already. It’s been a pretty amazing and eventful summer, where I feel that things finally started to fall into place. I’m building a home with the love of my life. I’m starting in school in two weeks, a school that I’ve worked really hard to get into. And I still have more projects up my sleeve, but I will tell you guys more about that later.

So to compensate for the bad outfit blogging lately, I’ve made a collage with my outfits during this summer. Do you have a favorite? My favorite is definitely the second one, as it’s one of my go to outfit’s, when I have “nothing” to wear.

Have a lovely day, sweethearts!

xo C


It isn’t over until I say it’s over

Sommersommer2summer 3


Pictures from PINTEREST

Oh my, how I’m longing to go on a holiday to an exotic, tropical place. But just as I thought summer was over, the weather forecast predicts that the sun is not ready to leave us yet. So I’m not going into fall mood yet (even though it’s my favorite season), and go and put on sunscreen, a dress, sandals and sunglasses – and just enjoy how well the danish weather is treating us.

xo C

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