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10 things on my to do list

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10 things to do in february

• Since I’m already packing up the entire apartment, as we are getting ready to move into our new house, I want to donate the clothes we don’t use anymore to charity and homeless shelters. This is actually something we do every now and then, but when you really have to strip down your home and organise everything you own,there’s bound to be something that you don’t need anymore.

• I will definitely drink some more hot chocolate! February is a very dark and cold month, therefor it requires something extra cozy. I’ll make some homemade hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmallows at least once a week. Maybe it’s a new weekend tradition?

• Get some fresh air. When the days are short and the rain is pouring outside, it’s easy to skip the daily walk. But that’s over for now! I want to enjoy the cold fresh air, walk through the parks, along the shore and even in the woods. And you know what? It’s perfect with a cup of hot chocolate when you get home – win win.

• Well this is one of the most postponed things in my everyday life – I need to wash my car. Blah..everyone who knows me, will agree with me on this one. I’m very bad at keeping the car neat and clean, which is super weird, considering that I’m such a neat freak. But it has to be done – and don’t get surprised, if this one makes next months to do list too.

• As I’m already at it, I might as well get better organised. My wardrobe, the kitchen and oh not to forget the bathroom! I can’t be the only one, stuffing everything in cute boxes, because well to be honest if the storage looks good, it must be good – that’s unfortunately not how it works. Also I have to clean up my computer, my Iphone and all the paperwork from the previous semester. I know it takes time, but it’s good to declutter your surroundings every now and then.

• Last week I purchased a juicer, so one of my goals is to drink a green juice almost every day. This way I’m balancing all the hot chocolate and buns that are mandatory in february, right?

• Shopping is definitely on my to do list. And this might come as a surprise to all of you, but it’s actually very stressfull to have such a long shopping list haha. I don’t like impulse buys, and can spend a lot of time thinking about one specific item – therefor it’s quite time consuming to have a million things to buy. But I have to start somewhere. Furniture and baby clothes seem as a good place to start.

• Catch up with my friends. I have had a few very busy months, and so have my friends. So it would be about time to have some girl time.

• Celebrate Valentine’s Day! This is a must for february, wether it’s by having a super romantic date with your significant other, or just going out for a drink or coffee with a good friend/family member. Buy some flowers/chocolate for someone you care about. I’ll spend the day with my man, but also my grandparents, as they are coming to visit us soon – can’t wait!

• Find a new gym. I never thought this day would come, but since I’m moving to the countryside, where Fitness World is nowhere to be found, I’ll have to quit my gym membership. We had a good run though.


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