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Green monster

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This smoothie is insane! I have to share it with you guys. It’s so tasty, easy to make and filled with vitamines – you can almost feel the instant effect it has on your body and mind (almost I said haha). This has been my go to smoothie for a while, and I find it especially efficient in stressed periods. It helps me fuel up with some extra veggies, works wonders for my skin (which has a tendency to act out when I’m stressed or off balance) and leaves me feeling full and satisfied. Need I say more? Just try it!

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One serving: 2 handfull spinach • 1 banana • 1/2 avocado • juice from 1/2 lemon or lime •   fresh ginger • 1-2 tablespoons MK oil (or oil of life) • 1 teaspoon phsyllicum husk • 2 dl almond milk • ice cubes

xo C

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