It isn't over until I say it's over

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I’ve been really bad at outfit posts lately, the main reason being that I’ve been living in my sweatpants haha. You know, when you feel like vacation is almost over, and you panically try to make the best of it – that’s what I’ve been up to the last few days. Spending time in bed, watching my favorite TV shows, online shopping and preparing for reality to kick back in soon. Not very inspiring, I know, but a little self care is necessary every now and then.

This summer has gone by so fast that I can’t even believe that we are halfway through august already. It’s been a pretty amazing and eventful summer, where I feel that things finally started to fall into place. I’m building a home with the love of my life. I’m starting in school in two weeks, a school that I’ve worked really hard to get into. And I still have more projects up my sleeve, but I will tell you guys more about that later.

So to compensate for the bad outfit blogging lately, I’ve made a collage with my outfits during this summer. Do you have a favorite? My favorite is definitely the second one, as it’s one of my go to outfit’s, when I have “nothing” to wear.

Have a lovely day, sweethearts!

xo C


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It isn't over until I say it's over