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White is one of my favorite colors – especially in the summer time! It gives such a clean look, and goes well with almost everything. White on white is a classic, but every now and then I love to work with the contrasts, as I’ve done with this outfit. Even though fuchsia is a very strong color, I think that pairing it with a basic white skirt, it can be tamed and doesn’t look over the top color’y (if that’s even a word hah).

Now I’m going for a run, as the other day I actually signed up for a 10 km run – next sunday! Yes, I don’t know what I was thinking, as I’ve been on a “little” run break the last few (many) weeks. It’s summer, you know, and all kinds of excuses – truth is, I’ve been lazy. So now I’m being punished for it, as I can barely run 5 km. But hey, I can always walk if I can’t run. The point is to reach the finish line haha. Anyone else attending any sport activity this summer?

xo C

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