Grilled salmon


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Jacket H&M / Jeans Diesel / T-shirt Gina Tricot / Hat H&M / Slippers Pieces / Bag NLY  / Sunglasses H&M 

Wearing a wool hat, oversize blazer and denim isn’t really summer appropriate. But never the less, summer hasn’t really happened this year, so I’m just trying to make the best of it and think positive. I love fall fashion, so I’m just pretending it’s fall. I have been able to sleep in a chill bedroom (who can remember the hot summer nights last year? unbearable!) and it’s perfectly fine to drink hot chocolate even though it’s juli haha. But I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t mind traveling to an exotic country, spending time at the pool and beach with a drink in my hand. If I wasn’t in a “build a house” mode this summer I would book a ticket right away. Oh well, one has to prioritize what’s important!   Does the weather have any impact on your mood? and what are you up to this summer?

Have a lovely day sweeties.

xo C

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Grilled salmon