Don't worry be happy

Flowy pants on a windy day

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Blazer H&M / Pants H&M / T-shirt Gina Tricot / Heels Vintage / Bag NLY

Hi sweethearts! What a productive day it has been so far. Dinner has been prepped, house is cleaned, groceries done and important contracts have been signed. Now I’m having lunch, while mentally preparing for a circuit class. Not that I’m not motivated, I just haven’t been to a class in 4 months, so I’m sure I’m gonna get my ass kicked. But my ass certainly needs to be kicked back into shape, I mean it’s not going to do it all by itself haha. Later I have a movie date, and I guess I’ll have to smuggle a bottle of wine in with me, as yes, you might have guessed it, I’m going in to see Magic Mike! And if I remember correctly from when I saw the prequel, it could get pretty embarrassing. But it’s going to be fun that’s for sure!

Have a lovely friday!

xo C

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Don't worry be happy