Todays dinner: pasta con pomodorini freschi

nude sequins

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Dress TFNC London / Heels Vintage / Clutch Soaked in Luxury

This outfit is from saturday nights date night. I felt like dressing up, but ended up in the classic “I’ve got nothing to wear” situation. Well, I don’t have many dresses, but I felt like wearing a dress. Period. So I ended up going through my box of old clothes that I was going to either donate or sell. That’s when I decided that I would give this dress a try. It’s one of those old ones I bought on sale at 3-4 years ago, but never got to use. I don’t know why exactly, maybe it’s because of the length? or lack of length to be accurate haha. I’m not really sure. But I ended up wearing it, and boy did we make some new memories together, me and my old dress. So I might end up keeping it after all. I just had to break it in – it just took me long enough!

xo C

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Todays dinner: pasta con pomodorini freschi