One night in Hamburg

Where there’s smoke

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We spent our midsummer evening in Blokhus, at the beach. And even though there was a cold breeze, it didn’t matter. The sun was shining, the people were happy and the smell of the ocean made me think of the many summers we’ve spent up there with the family.

It was a bit late when we arrived, so there was a bit of a parking chaos. A small city like Blokhus really knows how to attract the visitors in summer time. There were thousands of people.

IMG_4962 kopiBefore the bonfire, we had a yummy ice-cream, which is mandatory when in Blokhus! Wafflen, which is the local ice-cream store is really to die for, especially their homemade waffle cones (well, who would have guessed that, right?). And off course I had to have a pink one, which is my favorite flavor.

IMG_4966 kopiIMG_4972 kopi

And then the bonfire started, and as you can see it was quite a big one. There was so much smoke that you couldn’t see the sky anymore. But we didn’t care, it was so cozy, the people were singing and fire kept us all warm.

It was such a lovely day yesterday, but I wish that the sun had kept shining today! I guess that’s what you might call wishful thinking haha.

Have a lovely evening.

xo C

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