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Shirt H&M / Trousers Asos / Boots Bianco / Bag NLY / Sunglasses H&M

I really love my new shirt from H&M. I think that it’s feminine, bohemian and oh so comfortable to wear. What’s not to love about that? Only thing missing is warmer temperatures outside, so that I can pair it with a skirt or shorts. I wore this outfit on a sightseeing trip followed by some shopping in Hamburg. Outfits that are easy and comfortable to wear, and still look chick are a must, when packing for a trip to the big city! Comfy by day, fancy by night, right? haha

We had such an amazing trip. The weather could have been better though, but I guess that all of Europe is still waiting for summer. But never the less, we made the best of it, and my grandparents were oh so impressed by the city. The architecture, the nice people, the huge clothing stores and the very budget friendly prices (did you know that Birkenstocks are more then 50% off the danish prices?) etc. They are most likely to tag along for every trip we will make in the future haha.

Now I’m off to have a cup of coffee with my grandparents. Have a lovely St. Hans everyone! And remember to check out the bonfire, before lighting it up – hedgehogs, bunnies, mouses etc. are much likely to hide in it, not knowing that it’s going to be set on fire.

xo C

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