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Black widow

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T-shirt Gina Tricot / Cardigan H&M / Shorts NLY / Sunglasses H&M / Watch Skagen / Shoes Moss Copenhagen

Hi sweethearts! Today I’m super excited, as my grandparents are on their way to Aalborg to visit me and my boyfriend. So I’ve spent the morning cleaning the house, which I was suppose to have done yesterday, but well..there was a spider sitting on the closet dore, blocking for the vacuum cleaner etc. At our place, yesterday will go into the history books as spidergate. Anyway, the spider was thrown out (oh no, I did NOT do that – my man did haha), and I could finally relax. These huge bad boys (!) really freak me out, and I know that it’s silly, as the spider was probably more scared of me!

Other then rambling about spiders, I just wanted to show you guys the outfit I wore on a very warm and sunny day last week. Who said that black isn’t a summer color?

Have a lovely day!

xo C

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