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Avocado toast

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Todays simple lunch – Avocado toast

All you need is rye bread, toast or crispbread (recipe here), mashed avocado, eggs, seas alt and black pepper. Also basil, tomatoes and lemon/lime are yummy to add. 

Wow, it’s friday already! This week has gone by so fast. On tuesday we will get a visit from my grandparents, and on friday all four of us are driving to Hamburg for a weekend get away. I can’t wait, Hamburg is such an amazing city! Have you ever been there? My grandparents haven’t, so I’m excited to take the tourist guide role on me hah. Well obviously we are not only going for the touristy things, but also the food (oh how I’ve missed café Paris and Die Bank brasserie), the shopping (our hotel is dangerously close to the Chanel store – well that might not happen!) and to enjoy the big city atmosphere.

Now I’m off to buy some sunscreen, as my intentions are to avoid getting a sunburn this year (well every year!). Have a lovely weekend!

xo C

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