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Blouse H&M / Skirt H&M / Bag NLY / Heels vintage

Hi loves! Are you enjoying the these summer days? How nice isn’t it that you can finally wear shorts and skirts without freezing? I love it. So the other day I put on an old skirt of mine, paired with an old shirt and even older shoes – how lovely isn’t it, when your wardrobe items can last more then one season? I’m always trying to shop responsibly, but let’s be honest, it took me years to set boundaries shopping vise. But now I’m very critical when shopping, and I think that new seasons and new (well old, let’s be honest!) trends are inspiring and I would love to have it all, but I know my style, and what I would want to wear a year or two from now. And in that way, I don’t over shop and I stay true to my style (most of the time haha). The skirt is from last summer, but the shirt I bought at an H&M sale in 2009, and boy, do we have some good memories!

As I have worked many years in the retail business, obviously I’ve bought a few things that didn’t really fit me or suit my style, so every now and then, when cleaning my wardrobe, I’ve made sure to give the clothes I don’t use to second hand shops (the ones with volunteer workers, where all the profit goes to a good cause), or if I have any wool scarfs, sweaters, socks etc I make sure to give it to homeless shelters. It may be summer now, but remember that the winter is not far away, and it’s very long and cold – especially if you don’t have a home. So if you are doing a summer wardrobe detox, have in mind that you can also help others.

Have a lovely summer thursday sweethearts!

xo C

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