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Friday snapshots


IMG_3950 kopi

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Some snapshots from my visit to the Faroe Islands – they describe pretty much what I’ve been up to for the last few weeks: drinking coffee, soaking in some fashion and interior inspiration, cuddling with my dog Joey and making yummy food for my family, as well as prepare a few recipes for you guys. I was actually thinking that I would spend more time out in the beautiful nature, but as I wrote in this post, the weather wasn’t..lets just say it’s still winter back in the Faroe Islands (as in snow storm, rain and then all of a sudden sunshine – and then the circle continuous). But I didn’t go there to spend time with the mountains, but my family, and what a cozy trip it was. We had tons of coffee, hot chocolate and delicious food. We literally just relaxed, and that is just the way to spend a vacation. One minus was that my camera took some days off, so all my pictures turned out blurry, but then all of a sudden it worked again, phew!

Have a lovely friday and weekend sweethearts! And to all my fellow Aalborgensere, have a great carnival tomorrow.

xo C

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