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Shirt By Malene Birger / Bag NLY / Coat H&M

I’m not a big shopper, but when I find something that I can’t live without, I barely hesitate to buy it (to my boyfriends frustration!). Never the less I almost never buy expensive things, because I can almost always find a cheaper item that’s still made from a good quality fabric – thank goodness for high street brands. And something other that I really love, is scandinavian design. I think that there are so many great danish, norweigan, swedish and finnish designers out there. We should be so proud of them! So when I found this By Malene Birger shirt on sale, back in the Faroe Islands, I really couldn’t stop myself – I mean, even my mom said that I had to have it. What a wonderful shopping influence she has on me, but then again, she knows how picky I am. I love the oversize design, white cotton with pin stripes. Perfect with leather pants, denim jeans, over a pair of Levis shorts and for warmer summer days, as a shirt dress, with a waist belt.

xo C

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