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Hi sweeties!

Sorry for not prioritizing the blog these days, but my calendar is fully booked – as I don’t get to see my family on a daily basis (living in different countries doesn’t exactly make it easy), I make sure to spend every waken hour, maybe even minute, with my family. So I will come back stronger next week, with even more motivation and hopefully inspiration.

Going out for coffee, running in the mountains, eating my mums food (my recipes though, as I really love to dominate in the kitchen – a very bad quality!) and cuddling up with my beloved golden retriever Joey, who is a rescue dog btw. I really can’t imagine our lives without this cute and sweet dog that my parent brought home from the animal shelter a few years ago. So remember to check out the animal shelter, when considering getting a pet – maybe there is a furrball out there that needs YOU as it’s new mummy.

Maybe I got a little to excited talking about animals, so I will definitely make a separate post about that in the future. Have a lovely evening.

xo C

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