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Hi sweethearts

WOW, what a week! After posting this post on wednesday, I dragged my bags to the airport to checkin in on my flight to the Faroe Islands. Even though I knew that the weather there was dreadful that day, I crossed my fingers hoping that it would be possible for us to arrive safe and sound (and hopefully on time). Well, we arrived safe and sound.. but in the wrong country. As it turned out, the weather had changed for the worse, and after flying over the islands for a while, the captain (and the airport?) chose to fly us over to Iceland. And then we got to spend the night there at a nice hotel with yummy food, while we waited for the weather to get better. I wasn’t complaining! Even though I was really excited to see my family, and very tired after many hours of traveling, I didn’t mind getting a free trip to Iceland, where I btw never been before. The nature was stunning and the people were very friendly. Defiantly a place worth visiting again!

Luckily we managed to land the day after, and I dragged my tired ass back to my parents house, where I slept most of the day and night. So yesterday I finally felt rested and energized. I spent the day with my mum, working out, drinking coffee and shopping. We continued the evening with a family dinner at an amazing restaurant, Áarstova, which is located in one of the old houses in Torshavn, where they serve amazing nordic food. The reason we were out and about (other then the family finally being reunited), was that my lovely mum, who is a teacher, had spent the last year specializing in teaching people with dyslexia, had just gotten her degree. We are so proud of you mum!

Now I am on my way to my grandparents house, to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Have a lovely weekend!

xo C

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