Smoothie bowl

Good morning! Oh how I love sundays, especially when the sun is shining. Unfortunately I’ve got a bad cold, so I’ll be spending most of the day in bed. But for starters, I made a lovely healthy smoothie bowl for breakfast – and maybe, just maybe it will help me get rid of this cold, as this recipe is packed with vitamins. All you need is frozen strawberries, banana, avocado, almond milk, vanilla protein powder and phsyllicum husk(about 1-2 teaspoon pr serving). Put the ingredients in a blender and well, blend. The smoothie is supposed to be thicker than a regular smoothie, so carefully add the liquid. For topping I had fresh blueberries, coconut and chia seeds, but you can add whatever you prefer. Just be creative.

smoothie bowl collage

Let me know if you liked this recipe, and as I’m such a foodie, feel free to request some other recipes and I will see if I can mix something up!

xo C

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