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Hair trend – the long bob

LOB collage

Ah the LOB! No wonder celebrities and it girls are embracing this hair cut. In my opinion, it’s simply perfection in a haircut (if that’s even a thing). I’m so craving this hairstyle, but I’m always playing it safe – long blonde hair for me. Well maybe that’s about to change!

I used to be crazy adventures with changing my hair. I changed it up a lot, but it really damaged my hair, as I went from blonde to red to platinum blonde, to red again, followed by dark brown and then platinum blonde again – in 6 months! my hair was like a well chewed gum. I did not have a bad hair day, I had bad hair years (yes, plural)! But then I started to treat my hair well, only putting in highlights and getting regular cuts, and after a few years dealing with my ruined hair, I finally got healthy hair again. Now I’m strongly craving the LOB, but maybe I’ll wait till fall – who knows. What do you guys think?

xo C

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